Search engine optimization general idea to public

We have seen lot of people asking for Google top ranks on designing their website it is of no use in blaming them for asking this since we are here to explain the the process and smart work behind that.

Search engine optimization is optimizing out site for search engine, majority of search engine optimization techniques are targeted towards Google search  engine because availability of information about "Cause and action" . I have seen website having number of links from other sites technically outbound links but there will be no top ranks is search engines and reverse happens in certain cases. It is not Google mistake it is the mistake done by webmaster without proper knowledge negative aspects of seo. Seo is not a one week process, it takes several months for permanent results.

Important points for Search engine optimization.

Good and original content is important.
Domain length.
Keywords in domain name.
Domain age.

Analysis of competition.
Avoid paid links.


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