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Search engine optimization general idea to public


We have seen lot of people asking for Google top ranks on designing their website it is of no use in blaming them for asking this since we are here to explain the the process and smart work behind that.

Search engine optimization is optimizing out site for search engine, majority of search engine optimization techniques are targeted towards Google search  engine because availability of information about "Cause and action" . I have seen website having number of links from other sites technically outbound links but there will be no top ranks is search engines and reverse happens in certain cases. It is not Google mistake it is the mistake done by webmaster without proper knowledge negative aspects of seo. Seo is not a one week process, it takes several months for permanent results.

Important points for Search engine optimization.

Good and original content is important.
Domain length.
Keywords in domain name.
Domain age.

Analysis of competition.
Avoid paid links.


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Lead management systems


Lead management is the another fundamental area of business which we fail to concentrate because we do not realize " Today leads are tomorrows customer". Most of us are honestly dedicated to service of existing clients and reverse happens in the case of leads. If we are going to hesitate to make a single phone call we are going to miss out a wonderful client who may turns our business to prosper.

I am little frank to suggest implementation of Information technology where ever it is possible.

In nut shell my next area of discussion is using Web development for lead management.

If we are having more than 100 leads every day and single routing managers who assigns the lead process it would be really cumbersome and time consuming rather than to do the work in single mouse click. Initial step in leads processing is data input in lead management application after that we can track status and appointment by date , appointments by time , appointment by any other criteria. Every process is automated an finally when lead is closed the prospects data is converted as input to customer management system or deleted from record.

How to select a Domain name


Hello Thank you for all our blog visitor making us successfully.

Domain name really matters ?

        Yes of - course domain name is the important part of any website domain name should be related to our business and fit to the motive of the website in general subject to certain exceptions. In general domain name should not go beyond 14 letters for purpose of search engine optimization and for brevity among website visitors.

Top tips to take care of while registering for new domain names.

- Avoid using hyphenated domain names if you keyword is web design in chennai try to find out domain webdesigninchennai with any extension at last resort to adding few letters to your keywords as domain.

- Prefer for top level domains.

- If tld is not available look on to country specific domains.

- check whether any company exists in the name you opted for to avoid future trademark and copy right issues.

-  Try to register most of the available extensions.


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Technology is your good business partner when we respect it.


“ It’s  the time to realize”
“It’s the time to wake up”
“Its the time to start with”
“It’s the time to flourish”
“It’s the time to Re-define”

       It is the right time to realize the business structure to capitalize the technology. Still we are not aware of the Internet as a technology which helps business a lot to flourish with money and valuable customers. There is beautiful Proverb “Rome was not built in a day” This is true in all aspects of business then why not in technology , we strongly accept that current technology is prone to obsolescence but not the technology itself. This is an sunrise move by business houses to go online for distribution of their services.
      The proverb “Where there is a will there is a way”  perfectly suits the modern business world, yet we have not built up confidence with taking business to internet due to lack of succesfull in our country but I can sure that entrepreneurs who used technology decades later are now pioneer in the industry.

     I would like to bring in to focus one of the successful entrepreneur who thought innovative with technology.
Just dial an eye opener in yellow pages industry.
Started by V.S.S MANI – A person from financially weakest family.
The reason for success is mentality to accept failure which happened to him in the case of “Ask me services”.
His Investment – A phone & a small office room.
Today - Just dial – More than 135 Crore turnover.
Successful business idea stepped down from failures.

What can we do ?
  As an innovative and consultation for new business model we assure you to modernize your business in technology phase. Our services caters the requirement of modern business world. Web design in Chennai is the core theme in our mind but not limiting to States and cross countries.

Content management systems



                  By the  words “Content management systems” we would judge that it is a website with options to edit content in the site , yes we are right but the additional features will be option to edit the structure of the site for instance content management systems facilitates adding of pages to  the site with out help of designers. Introduction of content management system will be costly but in a long run it is an cost saving decision since there is no need to approach the web designers and web developers for modification in site content or to add a new page.  

When to Implement.

               Right stage to implement content management systems is when there is a need to change information available through websites at frequent intervals say once in three months. I t is most appropriate for business firms having its customers sector through internet hence there will be a need to announce offers new products launch offers and many more usefull info.

Structure of content management systems

              Content management systems has two parts front end and back end,  Front end  is the area where the information is presented or the display area of information fed. Back-end is the administrator area to manage the content of the website access to this area is available  only to authorized user by way of user name and password. By logging in to admin area the admin can add new pages edit text content upload images and many more in to the website.

How to start with.

The best option to start with content management systems is to opt for joomla or wordpress CMs systems both of these content management systems are customizable to user requirements in design view and application view. Joomla content management systems developers in Chennai - India is countable as regard to quality of services.  

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